We design and execute a wide variety of stone projects, from small decorative marble elements to large architectural construction, such as rebuilding a Cistercian chapterhouse originally from the 12th century.

In its traditional applications, stone is most often seen in homes and manors where the owner, architect, and interior designer strive together to achieve the beauty and quality of real craftsmanship with natural materials.

Today, stone is still crafted in the traditional styles of old Europe, and this same fine craftsmanship is seen adding depth and balance to the most contemporary designs of the 21st century. Whether you capture the classicism of a Palladian villa or an English manor, the rustic charm of a Tuscan farmhouse, or the clean lines and space of a thoroughly modern loft, hand-carved stone not only enhances, it becomes the very center of your living spaces.
People have gathered around the hearth or fountain for thousands of years, and to the present day, you find well designed mantle pieces at the heart of many homes, both large and small, just as you see fountains holding the focus of an entrance, court yard, or patio.

All of our pieces are custom designed to the requirements of our clients.
We help you through the entire process, from the first idea to the finished piece.
Sometimes we work from an existing photo or drawing and adjust only proportion and layout to fit a given situation.
At other times, we are shown the elements which will surround our stone piece, such as furniture and wall decorations, and we capture the same style, or even incorporate a particular design element, and adapt it to stone.
This joint creative process often begins quite simply with your question: “What do you think we should do here”.

We always provide you with shop drawings and can also send you CAD drawings and 3D renderings upon request.

We listen first, then recommend.

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